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⭐️ PLUS Package ⭐️ $119/month ⭐️ 48-hr Trial

WE BLAST YOUR FLYERS in 50+ OnlyFans & Fansly Telegram groups 24x per day, every hour, each month !!!


 📦 PLUS Package Details 📦

  • 1 Telegram account
  • 50 customizable groups
  • 5 flyers allowed
  • 36,000 flyers posted per month
  • 1 advertisement per hour, per group (1,200 advertisements per day)
  • Everything fully automated 

Our flyer marketing campaigns create non-stop DMs (people reaching out based on your flyer contents) from content creators looking to buy promo from your flyers (posts, pins, tweets, story posts etc), SFS (shout for shout) and GG (guaranteed gains).

Most content creators require an assistant to help manage all the incoming opportunities to schedule content posts, GG (guaranteed gain campaigns) and manage communications.

If you do not have an assistant, DM @AshleyNewton on Telegram to be connected with one!

** Assistants, sexters, coaching programs, agencies, caption rooms and many other services use our flyers and flyer dropping services to generate clients !!!